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4/random posts
My guide to Amsterdam

My guide to Amsterdam

So it happened, I finally got to cross Amsterdam off my bucket list! It’s been a few weeks since we got back and I’m already missing the buzzing atmosphere and the amazing canal views. Although four days wasn’t nearly enough to cover all of the city’s many interesting addresses, we found some really cute brunch cafes and concept stores I want to share. Read on for my tips for the perfect Amsterdam getaway!


Ree 7

Ree 7 is a little breakfast and lunch spot in the center of The Negen Straatjes. We went there before heading to the Anne Frank House and were treated to the flakiest croissants with jam & butter and some delicious cappuccinos. I adored the warm, industrial meets vintage interior.  


Also in the Reestraat you’ll find Pluk. This cozy cafe slash shop has coffee and homemade bakes as well as kitchenware, cute stationary and home accessories to offer. If you visit, definitely try to get your hands on a piece of their lemon-lavender cake, it's absolutely wonderful! 

Harewood Bakery

Coffee & donuts - need I say more? A year ago Harewood Bakery opened its store in Amsterdam South, specializing in fresh handmade donuts. Their menu changes every season so hurry if you want a taste of their fall creations, including the maple pecan and blueberry jam vanilla flavors.

De Laatste Kruimel

De Laatste Kruimel (translates to: The Last Crumb) is one you can’t miss! In this small bakery located near Amsterdam Centraal the cakes are made and baked on the spot. You can take a piece of cake to go or grab a cozy seat in the shop.


On our way to Vondelpark, we stopped for a bite at Dignita. This restaurant stands for all-day brunch in a lively atmosphere. The menu ranges from sweet pancakes and crumpets to tasty salad bowls, soups and toasts. Everything is homemade and there are plenty of vegan options.

Van Wonderen

Van Wonderen is the place to be for stroopwafels. This sweet Dutch delicacy is made from two thin waffles discs with caramel syrup in the middle. At Van Wonderen you can choose different toppings to add to your stroopwafel, from Oreo chunks to M&M’s and even mini marshmallows. 


Can’t decide what to have for lunch? Then the Foodhallen are your answer! At this indoor food market you can taste an enormous variety of street food from all around the world. Tacos, burgers, dim sum, whichever cuisine you prefer, there’s always something you’ll want to try. De Ballenbar and the Vietnamese stand were my favorites.   

The Breakfast Club

Honestly the name of this joint had me sold but I was happy to find out The Breakfast Club was more than just a hip sounding place. We went there to grab breakfast on our last day in Amsterdam and I can't really fault any of the things we had. The granola was lovely, the pancakes fluffy & light and the coffee was probably the best we had. Yep, I think this was my overall favorite! 



Though smaller than what you’d expect from the countless photos on Pinterest/Instagram, this shop is a real plant paradise. Succulents, mini cacti, large plants hanging from the ceiling - this place has everything worthy of the ‘indoor jungle’ hashtag.

Indianaweg 10

Hidden away in a quiet street in Amsterdam’s busy De Pijp neighborhood, there’s a little vintage store called Indianaweg 10. Next to handpicked vintage pieces, you can shop a selection of cosmetics but also plants and other home bits. 

Things I Like Things I Love

Things I Like Things I Love offers a mix of second-hand and new clothing with a Scandinavian vibe. There’s also a small interior section including tablewear, some beautiful carpets and small gift ideas. 


Anne Frank Huis

As many movies or documentaries you may have seen covering Anne Frank's story, nothing really compares to actually standing in her room and seeing the circumstances in which she and her family had to live during the war. You can see the posters she hung up to make the place a bit more cheerful and read some powerful quotes from her diary written on the walls. It all left me with a lump in my throat but however sad, I think this historical monument is something everyone should see. If you want to visit, definitely buy your tickets beforehand because otherwise you could be waiting in line for hours.


Especially if you're visiting the 'dam in the fall, a stroll through Vondelpark is a must. It makes for a wonderful escape from the busy city and you can perfectly combine it with a visit to the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum, which are both nearby.


The previously mentioned Rijksmuseum is one of Amsterdam’s most popular tourist attractions so a visit is kind of obligatory if you’re in the city for the first time. The museum covers Dutch art from the Middle Ages until the 21st century and it has a beautiful Game of Thrones style library hidden inside. The entire building is huge so you should count on spending at least 4 hours there.
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Maxime Loncke
The green dream

The green dream

There's nothing more inspiring to me than those first days of October when the leaves start falling off the trees and you can slowly see the world change into a more colorful place. Lately I haven't been feeling like myself. Mostly because I'm unhappy with my work situation, I've felt spiritless and quite lonely. I'm disappointed because I'm not where I thought I would be at this point in my life and I've been beating myself up over it. But I'm coming to realize that that is just life, full of unexpected situations but also full of possibilities. The arrival of autumn came just in time for me to start feeling hopeful again and draw some positive energy out of small moments like collecting pretty leaves on walks through the park and putting together some new fall outfits like this one...

Since it's one of my favorite colors, especially for fall, a forest green coat has been on my wish list for as long as I can remember. So this year I walked down every store and tried on basically every one I could find when this Bershka piece really hit the spot. I ordered it online and luckily it arrived just in time for our little trip to Amsterdam. I wore my newest addition with a floral H&M dress and burgundy tights. I'd normally never think of combining green with burgundy but as it usually goes I accidentally threw this on and happened to like it.

It was my first time in Amsterdam and I had the best time exploring the city and its many, many shops, coffee bars and foodie spots. I'll put up a list of my favorite addresses soon so stay tuned!

OUTFIT DETAILS | Dress: H&M - Coat: Bershka - Bag:
Mint&Berry - Watch: Even&Odd (via Zalando)
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Maxime Loncke
Red fruit tiramisu

Red fruit tiramisu

A while back I shared a recipe for salted caramel tiramisu from Laura Zavan's book 'Tiramis├╣', a collection of the most delicious variations of the Italian dessert. Now I'm sharing my favorite one: tiramisu with red fruits. Contrary to the classic version, here the ladyfingers are dipped into a strawberry sauce instead of coffee and sweet wine is mixed under the mascarpone cream. It's a wonderfully light dessert that, to be honest, I've wanted to share for quite a while but simply couldn't find a way to properly photograph. Then I found these super cute jam jars at Dille & Kamille and knew it was meant to be. Let's get started!


  • 500g mascarpone
  • 5 eggs
  • 120g + 2tbsp sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 10cl sweet wine
  • 500g strawberries
  • 100g raspberries
  • 100g blackberries
  • 2 oranges
  • ± 30 ladyfingers

How to make the mascarpone cream:

  1. Separate the eggs.
  2. Beat the egg yolks and the sugar into a foamy mixture.
  3. Add the mascarpone and the sweet wine and whip until you get a thick cream.
  4. In another bowl, whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt.
  5. Gently fold the egg whites into the mascarpone mixture.
  6. Put the mascarpone cream in the fridge while you make the strawberry sauce.

How to make the strawberry sauce:

  1. Mix or blend the strawberries with 2 tablespoons of sugar (add more if needed)
  2. Squeeze the oranges with a juice press
  3. Add the orange juice to the strawberries and stir

How to put it all together:

Honestly when it comes to the layering, it's just like lasagna. You can do it any way you want, it will still end up tasting fabulous. The technique largely depends on the medium you use to present the tiramisu in. For my jam jar versions I did the following:
  1. Start with a layer of mascarpone cream
  2. Dip a ladyfinger into the strawberry sauce, crack it in two and put it on top of the cream
  3. Add a raspberry, blackberry & strawberry (Tip: if they're large ones, I choose to cut them up first)
  4. Repeat this until the jar is full and finish with a nice layer of cream and red fruits on top
  5. Refrigerate for about an hour and enjoy!

Have you ever experimented with ways to make tiramisu? If you give this recipe a go, be sure to share your thoughts on it! 
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Maxime Loncke
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