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A visit to Charlottes Pompoenen annual pumpkin fest

15 September 2020

Visiting a pumpkin patch has always been on my fall bucket list, but in Belgium they’re really not that common. Every year I’m on the lookout for farms organizing any kind of pumpkin related events, without success. Until I recently discovered Charlottes Pompoenen (‘pumpkins’ translate to ‘pompoenen’ in Dutch), a farm in Ijzendijke just across the border with The Netherlands. I was absolutely stoked to find out they were doing a Pumpkin Fest during the first week of September. It took a little convincing to get my hubby on board, but we did end up making the trip and it was an absolutely amazing day. 

A visit to Charlottes Pompoenen pumpkin farm

There were over 400 types of edible and ornamental pumpkins and cucumbers to be discovered in the fields and at the outdoor shop in front of the farm. We also had a good laugh with the different activities and games they had put together like butternut bowling and pumpkin darts. 

A visit to Charlottes Pompoenen pumpkin farmA visit to Charlottes Pompoenen pumpkin farmA visit to Charlottes Pompoenen pumpkin farm

To top it all off, every hour a pumpkin would be fired off by a big catapult only to crash spectacularly into the patch.

A big catapult fired off pumpkins into the patch
A visit to Charlottes Pompoenen pumpkin farm

For a list of upcoming activities at Charlottes Pompoenen:

A visit to Charlottes Pompoenen pumpkin farm

Are pumpkin patches and Halloween traditions a big thing where you’re at?
Would love to hear about your favorite autumn activities!

Ghent's urban jungle: my favorite plant shops

08 August 2020

4 plant shops in ghentMy love for special house plants sprouted a good two years back, inspired by my fellow plant-obsessed colleagues at the coffee place I was working at and further encouraged by Pinterest. Since then I've been growing a little green family of my own, some times successfully, other times not so much. But every plant I own, or previously owned, has truly brought me a bit of happiness. There's just something so satisfying about a plant growing a new leaf or a cactus flowering, as if they're telling you they're well taken care of.

Over time I found some regular spots to stop by when I'm looking to expand my collection. Of course there are plenty of online shops to order from, but I try to remind myself to shop local and honestly there's nothing like an afternoon of plant hunting to feed the soul. Especially in Ghent, which has a couple of urban jungle gems even not-so-plant-obsessed people would appreciate. Below I'm sharing four of my favorite plant shops in different corners of the city.
4 plant shops in Ghent


The humidity in the air when entering the shop immediately gives away Broesse's specialization in tropical plants. In this tiny shop you'll come upon all types of green beauties from the better-known Monstera species to rare Philodendrons and gigantic Alocasias. At the bar in the back there's also a small seating area where you can take a break with a homemade lemonade and other refreshments. What I really appreciate about Broesse is you never leave without getting a few words of advice on how to take care of the plants you're taking home, which can be really valuable if you're only just getting into it.


Fancy some breakfast before starting your plant hunt? Stek, which translates to both 'cutting' and 'spot' in Dutch, is a plant shop as well as a coffee and brunch bar. They have a really lovely terrace in the back, while in the front you can take your pick from a variety of indoor greenery. Colorful Aglaonema and Tradescantia, uncommon cacti and succulents... At Stek you'll undoubtedly discover plants you'd never seen before.

4 plant shops in Ghent

Little Green Stories

Little Green Stories is definitely my go-to when I'm in the mood to treat myself to a little something green. The shop is always so packed with plants you actually feel like you're making your way through the jungle whilst browsing. Next to planters and other plant care accessories, here you can pick up gorgeous Calatheas and Sansevierias, all kinds of hanging plants or just as well a larger ficus or umbrella tree.

Dille & Kamille

Dille & Kamille is a Dutch brand with several shops in Belgium and The Netherlands. Their offer covers a mix of home products from kitchen utensils and tableware to dried flowers and a selection of plants often cute cacti too. They also sell a lot of lovely pots, with new collections coming out every season. Located right in the center, you're most likely to encounter Dille & Kamille on your stroll through the city.

Are you a greenery geek like me? Let's share the love through Instagram! My plant account is @petiteplantiste.