My red lips routine

21 March 2014

I'm not an expert on beauty but I do love rocking a red lip from time to time and so I thought I'd share my routine with you. Lipstick is one of my favorite beauty products because nature didn't bless me with a defined cupid's bow and this way I get to cheat a little.

First I simply clean my lips with a washcloth and hot water. I rarely use a lip scrub because my lips are very sensitive. Next I apply primer, then line the edges of my lips with a pencil and fill them in. Finally I apply my lipstick and perfect if necessary. It's also best to put some concealer around the edges of your lips to prevent the lipstick from going anywhere.

This is my first beauty post so I hope I did okay, I definitely had fun making it! I'm thinking of doing something with hair next. Would you like more of these kind of posts?
Enjoy your weekend

Spring faves

19 March 2014

Spring faves

I love playing around on Polyvore, collecting and combining all sorts of pretty things. Here I put together some of my favorite spring items. Every time a new season begins, I have to keep myself from buying loads of new stuff. Right now I basically want to order every floral or bright colored dress I see popping up on Modcloth. Am I the only one with this spring fever?

Anyway, to keep your wallet safe I think it's always best to make a list of your top favorite wants. Mine includes this floral crown by Dolly Bow Bow, which is probably one of the prettiest I've ever stumbled upon. I also adore these cut out oxford shoes from Sasha, so perfect for spring! And of course, forever in love with the entire shorts collection of Spikes and Seams, especially this pair with cute lace detail.

What are you crazy for this season?
Hope you have a great day!

Pink flowers

17 March 2014

You may recognize this top from my 'about me' picture, here you have it in full color. Been feeling a bit under the weather lately and floral prints always cheer me up!

Have a lovely day!

Top: New Look - Shorts: Forever 21 - Cardigan: Pull & Bear - Bag: thrifted - Shoes: CĂ©cil

DIY: painting a vintage frame

14 March 2014

A while back, I spotted this cute frame in the thrift store and just had to have it. Since then it's been standing in my room without purpose and so I thought I'd do something fun with it. I absolutely love mint accents in a room which made me decide to get crafty and give my frame a fresh new color! I'm really happy with how it turned out. In for a super easy DIY?

Here's what you'll need:


4 simple steps:

1. I couldn't find a picture large enough to fit the frame, so I took an old atlas and cut out a map that I liked. I suppose it can serve as an ode to my wanderlust. Another fun idea would be to make a collage of several smaller photos. 
2. Sand the frame a little bit so that the paint will stick better and remove all dust and dirt.
3. Cover your floor with old newspapers or whatever you find. Before you go ahead and start painting the frame, it's best that you practice spraying a bit since it can be tricky. Another tip: Read the description on the spray can, it'll tell you at what distance to hold the can while spraying.
4. Let it dry for a while (long enough, I was too enthusiastic and got my hands full of paint) and it's ready to go up on the wall!

Hope this inspired you to give your own old stuff a make-over.
Have a good Friday!


07 March 2014


Here in Belgium, the sun has treated us to some very lovely days this week and now I just can't get enough. I want spring and I want it now. Influenced by my spring fever I went looking around for some inspirational photographs and thought I'd put together this little post. Hope you enjoy!
Have an amazing weekend!

Photos found on Pinterest and Tumblr. First picture ©Amandine PaulandrĂ©.

Peach clouds

04 March 2014


Anything with scallop detail is a must-have for me, so it's no surprise that this blouse is one of my most worn pieces of clothing. I combined the soft peach color with a burgundy sweater and a simple pair of jeans.
Although it's still pretty cold outside, I'm already starting to feel some spring vibes. I just can't wait for the trees to blossom and the stores to be filled with pastel dresses. Are you a fan of spring?

Happy March!

Blouse & sweater: New Look - Satchel: Mom brought it from Tunisia - Ring: Six - Shoes: Primark