Daffodils for days

05 April 2021

How refreshing is it to step outside and be met with such vibrant colors and beautifully blooming trees? I'd honestly nearly missed it all until we went to the city to grab lunch this week and I saw these pretty poofs of pink pop up everywhere and realized, 'hey, Spring is here!' We'd barely left the house in two weeks which you're all probably familiar with these days and it feels like life's been on a loop since January. From getting up to go to work (at our dining table) to making dinner, watching some telly and then going back to sleep, every day seems to be the same. It's cost me a lot of energy and fomo moments to accept that that's the way things are right now and they may not get better soon. There's mention of our cafes and restaurants opening again next month, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. 

For Easter we brought a visit to our local beguinage. In autumn we did a little tour of Oudenaarde and saw this lovely picture of it filled with daffodils in our tourist guide, so decided to go have a peek if they would actually be there. And we weren't disappointed. As charming as the place is on its own, it was a joy to see all of the yellow brighten it up like a ray of sunshine. Some of the home owners had some Easter decorations up on their front porches, which made it even more of a Spring dream. It's these little moments I hang onto and treasure to counter all of today's heaviness and I hope you can find 'em too! 

OUTFIT DETAILS | Coat: S├ęzane - Sweater: Mango - Skirt: King Louie via Zalando - Bag: Matt & Nat - Shoes: Lost Ink