Hello Instagram

18 October 2014

You guys, I am finally on Instagram! I know I'm ages behind on this one but it simply took me forever to save up for an iPhone. Give me a follow @foxandfabric and leave me your links below


DIY: polka dot travel jar

13 October 2014

The idea of creating my own travel fund jar has been on my mind ever since I stumbled on an example of one on Pinterest. There's nothing that makes me more happy than to travel and discover new places, but my coffee & clothes addiction keeps me from putting enough money aside. So I thought this might motivate me!
I wanted to make it something fun and personal. And I ended up with this colorful dotty one! It looks so cute in my room and I finished it in less than an hour. Feel like making your own?

 Here's what I used:


4 easy steps:

1. The first step is to write down the purpose of your jar, which in my case is to see the world! I practiced a little by writing some random things on a glass bottle.
2. The next thing to do is stick reinforcement labels all over your jar. 
3. Color the holes with nail polish and let dry for a while. 
4. Then simply take the stickers off and you'll be left with a jar full of cute dots!

Hope this was helpful! 
Love, always

Signs of fall

07 October 2014


Hey guys! First of all I want to apologize for my long absence. My summer turned out a lot differently than I had hoped. Just as I had finished packing for Italy, I received some very sad news: My father-in-law passed away unexpectedly. On that moment it seemed like the whole world got turned upside down. I obviously didn't feel like blogging and the outfits I had planned to wear on holiday disappeared back into my closet.

But I'm feeling better now and I'm excited to update my blog more regularly again! October is here and that means my favorite season is too. This weekend we went for a walk in the woods and there are already colored leaves everywhere! I can't wait for the trees to turn orange and for everyone to put pumpkins on their front porches.

What do you love most about fall?
Have a great week!