Speculoos mousse

20 June 2014

Say hello to your new favorite dessert: speculoos mousse! Last night I had a small dinner with friends and I volunteered to prepare the dessert. I've wanted to make speculoos mousse for quite some time and this seemed like the perfect occasion. I don't know if you are all familiar with speculoos, it's a typical Belgian/Dutch biscuit which you will definitely love if you like cinnamon. I find it really yummy with nutella or crumbled up with ice cream and caramel sauce. Or in this case, in a mousse! The recipe is super easy and it takes less time to make than chocolate mousse!    
You'll need (for 6 servings): 
✔ 125g speculoos
✔ 500ml heavy cream
✔ 100g sugar
✔ 2 egg whites

✔ 2 bowls

✔ a mixer

1. First you'll need to crumble up the speculoos cookies into crumbs. 

2. Pour the cream in a bowl and add the crumbs. Let it rest for a while so that the speculoos becomes less crunchy.

3. Put the egg whites and sugar in a second bowl and whip them until they are foamy.

4. Then whip the cream and speculoos until you get a mousse-y texture.

5. Lastly, carefully fold the egg whites into the speculoos and cream mixture. Your mousse is ready! Spoon it into 6 serving glasses and let chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour. You can top it with some extra speculoos crumbles if you like.

Let me know if you give this a go!
Hope you're having a great Friday

(Recipe from Lotus Bakeries)

Embracing vibrant colors

16 June 2014

Took some quick snaps of my newest dress yesterday! I bought it right after I cut my hair, to sort of comfort myself I guess haha. I love the retro vibe it radiates and the vibrant colors just make me happy.

Have a lovely day!

Dress: Springfield - Backpack: Primark - Belt: Forever 21 - Rings: Six

Lately: new beginnings

14 June 2014

Lately I have (been)...

1. Eating strawberries freshly picked from the garden, so yummy!
2. Received the prettiest letter all the way from Poland, the first from my sweet new penfriend Ola. I'm so excited that we decided to write to each other, can't wait to hear about her adventures.
3. Totally crazy about bagels. The other afternoon I made one of my faves with goat cheese, walnuts, honey and thyme.
4. Chopped off my hair! I'd been thinking about it for quite a while and somehow found the courage to go for it. It's much shorter than I expected it to be, but I guess I'll get used to it. It does feel very summery!

Have a lovely weekend

3 outfit ideas for a summer picnic

11 June 2014

let's go for a picnic
let's go for a picnic III

let's go for a picnic II

Hey guys, it feels like forever since my last post! But school is now officially over and that means I can finally get back to doing the things I love most! I am so excited for summer and everything that comes with it: traveling, festivals, summer shopping sprees, having brunches in the park. I'm a huge fan of picnicking and that inspired me to put together some outfits! For me, picnics are all about simplicity so most of the time I just put on a floral dress, my vintage sunnies and comfy sandals and I'm good to go. Lately I'm also really into the overalls + crop top thing, need to get my hands on the perfect pair of denim overalls soon!

What do you like to put on for a picnic?
Happy Wednesday