3 cake shop favorites in Edinburgh

18 April 2015

One of the first things I do when planning a trip is look up cozy restaurants and yummy bakeries to try out. Edinburgh turned out to be a real sugar paradise. A small list of my favorite spots:


We accidentally bumped into Lovecrumbs while vintage shopping and it was the best discovery of our entire trip. I had a latte and a piece of Easter cake and it was sooo good. I loved the fact that all of the cakes were stored in an old cabinet and if you're lucky, you can even enjoy your cake while sitting in the window.

155 West Port, Edinburgh

Mademoiselle Macaron

I know this technically doesn't count as a cake shop, but who doesn't love a good Parisian macaron? The shop is super cozy and the interior reflects the quirky personality of the shop owner, Rachel Hanretty. I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel for one of my assignments and she's a real inspiration. She got the idea for her own macaron boutique after taking a few macaron making classes in Paris. I recommend the salted-caramel and lemon flavors.  

22 Grindlay Street, Edinburgh

Mimi's Bakehouse

You can visit the main shop at 63 Shore but the second, smaller location Mimi's Picnic Parlour was just a street away from our hotel (It was faith!). I fell in love with the dreamy pastel decor and once you see all of their gorgeous cupcakes on display, it's impossible to resist.

250 Canongate, Edinburgh

What's your favorite sweet treat?

Postcards from Edinburgh

05 April 2015


As I mentioned in my previous post, I went on a school trip to Edinburgh this week. It was super stressful as we had a deadline for a new article every day but in the meanwhile I tried to explore the city as much as I could. Edinburgh has such an antique vibe to it and I was completely obsessed with all of the cute little shops and colored front doors. I also loved bumping into stores which we don't have in Belgium but which I regularly visit online like Topshop, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Anthropologie. If the weather hadn't been so awful and no working was involved, I would've enjoyed every second of it. The food was delicious, the city is beautiful and it especially struck me how friendly and happy the people were. Definitely hope I get to do it over one day!

Enjoy your Easter Sunday!