Caramel-hazelnut frappuccino

11 April 2014

With the sunny weather outside, the time has finally come for frapp├ęs and iced coffees. I always like to sweeten up my coffee drinks with some caramel or hazelnut flavor and today I tried something new: a frappuccino with hazelnut milk and caramel ice cream. It's so yummy and the recipe is really simple!

You'll need: 

✔ 1 tbsp sugar
✔ 10 ice cubes
✔ 1 cup coffee (cooled)
✔ 1 cup hazelnut milk
✔ 1 scoop caramel ice cream
✔ whipped cream
✔ caramel sauce

✔ a blender
✔ a tall drinking glass

All you have to do is mix the coffee, milk, sugar, ice cubes and ice cream in a blender. Pour it in a tall glass and finish with some whipped cream and caramel sauce on top. Drink up!

Do you prefer your coffee hot or cold? Let me know what you think if you try this out!
Have an amazing weekend!


  1. This looks like heaven.
    Iced-coffee rules my life. This is what I really needed now that its almost summer.
    You're a life saver!

  2. This looks amazing! Your photos and your work are beautiful <3

  3. Looks yummy! Loving your photography on your blog..i'm now following :)

  4. This looks too good to be true! YUM. I could go swimming in that :)

    xo, Megan Ann

  5. omgosh, this looks super delicious!

  6. Hey girl, I nominated your for the Liebseter Award! Info is on my post today! :)

  7. Yum, that sure looks delicious! And I love how your nails matches the spoon :-)


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