Sipping coffee in Bruges: 5 favorites

31 March 2019

5 favorite coffee spots in Bruges

I’ve thoroughly discussed my love for Bruges on here before, so a list of my favorite coffee spots couldn’t stay far behind. Whenever I plan a day trip there on the weekends, I like to try some new places or revisit old favorites. What I love about Bruges’ coffee scene is that there seems to be less of a hipster culture present. The people and places feel more authentic, which is so refreshing compared to other Belgian cities. If you’re a coffee geek like me and heading to Bruges soon, you’ll love these five places to enjoy your daily cup of joe.

5 favorite coffee spots in Bruges: Vero Caffè + Adriaan

Vero Caffè

Grabbing a coffee at Vero Caffè has become a fixed habit when visiting Bruges. It’s one of those spots that make you feel instantly at home, which isn’t surprising as its interior is literally living room goals. The coffee is definitely the highlight though. My favorite order? A cappuccino with a large piece of their white chocolate cake - so sweet but so good!

Coffeebar Adriaan

Housed in a 19th century building, Adriaan is a mix of a traditional Belgian coffee house and a modern bar. By traditional, I mean a typical breakfast at Adriaan consists of freshly baked crusty bread rolls with ham and cheese. Trust me, breakfast doesn’t get more Belgian than that. Before taking a sip of one of the many coffee options, be sure to stop and admire their collection of old coffee cans and grinders on display in the back of the shop. It’s gorgeous.

5 favorite coffee spots in Bruges: Kottee Kaffee

Kottee Kaffee

“We do it for the locals” Didier, the owner of Kottee Kaffee, told me the first time we visited on my birthday two years ago. And you can taste the passion he and his wife put into their work, and food. Their bread basket formula is far from the average one. It includes seven different types of bread, all wheat-free, served with complementary spreads and delicious homemade jams. This cozy spot is hidden away in a quiet alley, but definitely worth looking for!
5 favorite coffee spots in Bruges: Margritt + Cafuné


Margritt is one of my more recent discoveries located in a charming side street of Bruges’ market square: the Sint-Amandsstraat. They offer good coffee, homemade bakes and several breakfast and lunch options. Don’t be fooled by the tiny space you see when you enter, there’s plenty more seats in the back of the place!


Cafuné is a specialty coffee bar that has recently opened its own roastery, which already gives away the high quality you can expect from their coffee. I always go for a cappuccino but they have several slow coffee options like Kalita and Aeropress as well. If you’re visiting in the afternoon and craving something sweet, you should have a go at their homemade apple turnover. Oh and for breakfast the banana pancakes are pretty awesome too.