DIY: polka dot travel jar

13 October 2014

The idea of creating my own travel fund jar has been on my mind ever since I stumbled on an example of one on Pinterest. There's nothing that makes me more happy than to travel and discover new places, but my coffee & clothes addiction keeps me from putting enough money aside. So I thought this might motivate me!
I wanted to make it something fun and personal. And I ended up with this colorful dotty one! It looks so cute in my room and I finished it in less than an hour. Feel like making your own?

 Here's what I used:


4 easy steps:

1. The first step is to write down the purpose of your jar, which in my case is to see the world! I practiced a little by writing some random things on a glass bottle.
2. The next thing to do is stick reinforcement labels all over your jar. 
3. Color the holes with nail polish and let dry for a while. 
4. Then simply take the stickers off and you'll be left with a jar full of cute dots!

Hope this was helpful! 
Love, always


  1. So adorable... I love this!! :)

  2. Nice job lady! Hopefully your jar will be filled up soon. Good idea to use those reinforcements for making polka dots. :)

  3. This is so cute! I really love this

  4. Love this idea! Think I might try it. 😊

  5. I absolutely love this idea. I'll definitely be trying this out myself!! I need to save up for a house =/

    Jessy Louise

  6. so cuute!! making one too <3


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