Fall beauty favorites 2015

17 November 2015

 A new season always comes with new beauty needs so I decided to share a few of my current favorite products...

1. 'Bordeaux' nail polish by H&M Beauty

When H&M launched a beauty line, I was mostly curious for their nail polishes as I'm quite the nail care freak. While bright red is my preferred nail color for summer, you'll most likely find me wearing darker shades on colder days and this 'Bordeaux' nail polish is just the perfect shade of burgundy. The most important thing about a nail polish for me though, is that it's easy to apply and I'm so glad that this collection comes with a great brush. With this polish I can easily do my nails in less than 10 minutes, while the color lasts for over a week. One last thing is I absolutely love the simple yet elegant packaging and for €5 ($6) I'll be buying many more of these little wonders.

2. 'Diva' lipstick by MAC Cosmetics

'Diva' is pretty much fall in a lipstick. It gives a bold berry lip with a matte finish. While I love a matte look, I do mostly wear this with a good amount of lip balm underneath to prevent my lips from drying out. Like most MAC lipsticks, combined with a lip liner this one will last a long time.

3. 'Skin Ideal Youth Concealer' by UNE Natural Beauty

I've been looking for a concealer that 1. matches my fair skin tone, 2. doesn't irritate my sensitive skin & 3. isn't ridiculously expensive. I was recently drawn to the lovely looking products of UNE Natural Beauty and was excited to discover that they have a concealer that matches that description. UNE's Youth Concealer comes in a tube with a small applicator brush. The product feels light but does cover redness and imperfections. The only downside is that it's a bit drying.

4. 'Pumice Power' foot soap by LUSH

I don't know if it's weird to include foot soap in this list, but I'm so excited about this product I couldn't leave it out. Ever since I started wearing tights & boots again, my feet haven't been happy. So when I read this pumice bar could help get rid of my cracked heels drama, I had to try it. Shaped like an almond, it fits perfectly in your hand which makes it easy to use. Although it's a gentle scrub, it effectively removes dry and flaky skin and leaves you with clean, soft feet. Next to pumice, the stone contains organic sweet orange oil which refreshes the skin and gives the most amazing smell while scrubbing. I take it into the shower once a week for a nice feet treat!

5. 'It's A Very Berry Bash' nail polish by Catrice Cosmetics

This is another burgundy nail polish favorite of mine although this one, as the name suggests, has more of a berry hue. Like the H&M one, it's long-lasting and comes with a great brush. With just two strokes, my nails are perfectly covered and the polish doesn't take too long to dry. Catrice has always been my number one when it comes to great quality nail polish for a great price and this is yet another gorgeous shade to add to my collection.

Have you tried any of these?
What's your favorite fall lippy or nail polish?
Have a lovely week

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  1. I love the Autumn theme of these photos! I've wanted to buy the Diva lipstick for so long, its such a lovely colour x



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