My Antwerp address book

08 May 2018

On account of my barista trainings I’ve spent quite some time in Antwerp these past couple of weeks. I’ve come to really appreciate the city’s down to earth atmosphere. This may be just a feeling I have, but people in Antwerp seem to be more sociable and open-minded. Probably because the population is so diverse and you encounter so many different cultures and styles walking through the streets.

Of course I made good use of my days there to explore and capture the city’s many coffee and foodie spots. Some new discoveries and some long time favorites, here’s my guide to Antwerp’s best addresses whether it’s for brunch, plant shopping or the best (square!) donuts you’ve ever tasted!

Momade Cupcakes

At Momade you’re sure to find your guilty pleasure fix. Enter this small cupcake shop and be overwhelmed by a gallery of cupcakes with 40 different flavors, from apple, honey and walnut to lime, passion fruit and pralinĂ©. #Treatyoself!

The Plant Corner

The prettiest green spot in town is located on the corner of Antwerp’s Isabellalei. Shop your way through a beautiful collection of houseplants and get the best advice on taking care of your new babies from Sofie, The Plant Corner’s passionate owner.


Tinsel is a little gem of a coffee shop located in Antwerp South. The reason I’m calling it a gem is because you can actually taste the love they put into their plates, which are all beautifully presented as well. Try the Tinsel pancakes, vegan French toast or green eggs with spinach and feta cheese. Or check out their board for weekly breakfast and lunch specials. Pictured is the toast with goat’s cheese, grilled pear and walnuts which was absolutely scrumptious!


If you’re after a late breakfast, find yourself a seat at Mirlo’s. This small but charming place guarantees some serious Instagram-worthy latte art and serves up croissants, cornflakes, blueberry-banana pancakes and more all day long.


With its warm and colorful interior, Kaffeenini is the perfect spot for a cozy family brunch. A breakfast and bagel bar, and the little sister of Barnini, they offer a classic breakfast menu and a number of homemade bagels. If you go for a sweet afternoon break, you can take your pick from a selection of fresh cakes at the counter.

Nellie’s Coffee Bar

I love Nellie’s because they’re super friendly and the cappuccinos are amazing. Their ‘brekkie board’ lets you choose a smaller portion of two items on the menu, which is perfect for people like me who are always indecisive on what to order. Why only try the turkey sandwich when you can have the acai bowl as well, right?

Hoeked Doughnuts

If you’re in need of a little sugar rush whilst shopping, Hoeked is only a few streets away from Antwerp Meir. This donut shop is very hyped but for a good reason. Doughnutier Joris bakes the square-shaped donuts (hoek loosely means square in Dutch) fresh every day and they are literally the best: buttery, sweet and with the most amazing fillings and toppings. I’d go back for the lemon glaze flavor any day!

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