Peach clouds

04 March 2014


Anything with scallop detail is a must-have for me, so it's no surprise that this blouse is one of my most worn pieces of clothing. I combined the soft peach color with a burgundy sweater and a simple pair of jeans.
Although it's still pretty cold outside, I'm already starting to feel some spring vibes. I just can't wait for the trees to blossom and the stores to be filled with pastel dresses. Are you a fan of spring?

Happy March!

Blouse & sweater: New Look - Satchel: Mom brought it from Tunisia - Ring: Six - Shoes: Primark


  1. So glad I stumbled across your blog! It's adorable :) followed!

  2. I absolutely love these colors together! Pale pink and burgundy -- I will definitely have to try this soon!! xo


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