My red lips routine

21 March 2014

I'm not an expert on beauty but I do love rocking a red lip from time to time and so I thought I'd share my routine with you. Lipstick is one of my favorite beauty products because nature didn't bless me with a defined cupid's bow and this way I get to cheat a little.

First I simply clean my lips with a washcloth and hot water. I rarely use a lip scrub because my lips are very sensitive. Next I apply primer, then line the edges of my lips with a pencil and fill them in. Finally I apply my lipstick and perfect if necessary. It's also best to put some concealer around the edges of your lips to prevent the lipstick from going anywhere.

This is my first beauty post so I hope I did okay, I definitely had fun making it! I'm thinking of doing something with hair next. Would you like more of these kind of posts?
Enjoy your weekend


  1. Such perfect lips! They look so good.
    I really need to start using lip liner, really makes difference.


  2. It looks great and very vintage!

    Somehow I had convinced myself that red lips didn't suit me. However a little while back I won one along with a make-over by a make-up artist and I actually really liked it:) So I'll definitely wear it from now on.

  3. Ooo, what an absolutely amazing color! This is a great post!

  4. This blog post is helpful and informative! I love it and I love the overall feel of your blog! Nice work! :)

  5. That top picture is gorgeous! So vintage looking and lovely.



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