Tuscany Travel Diary - Day 3: Siena

04 September 2015

Hey guys, sorry for the time gap between posts but August has been full of days at the library studying for my exams and I simply couldn't find the energy to sort through the enormous amount of photos we took. Here's a small selection of the beautiful day we spent in Siena. I very much looked forward to visiting this little town because I have great memories of running around on the Piazza del Campo with my class mates when I was a kid. I wanted to see if the shell-shaped piazza was as beautiful in reality as it had been in my mind (and it was!).

  After a short walk from the station, we arrived at Siena's grand city walls. Without any need for a map, the narrow streets led us straight to the city centre, the Piazza del Campo. From there we went to the Siena Cathedral, by the far the most impressive piece of architecture we've seen on our trip! The fun part was, there's now a behind the scenes tour which allows you to go up the higher floors of the cathedral. From the Museo dell'Opera we also got an amazing view over the city. It's very touristic but I think this tour is a must for anyone visiting Siena for the first time.

Afterwards we went for some gelato at La Vecchia Latteria, some of the best we had! You can find the little shop in a quiet street about 5 minutes from the cathedral. One last tip: don't forget to look at the view from the city before leaving its walls. Siena's historical center is situated quite high up the hills which gives you an amazing panorama over its countryside!

I'll try to get the rest of our trip online asap!
Happy September ❤❤❤

1. View over the Piazza del Campo and the Torre del Mangia - 2. Oh hi there! - 3. Refreshments on the Piazza del Campo - 4. Cute vespa - 5. Stairs to the crypt of the cathedral - 6. Taken during the cathedral tour  7. One of Siena's city walls - 8. View on the countryside from the city - 9. The Duomi di Siena & gelato from La Vecchia Latteria (Instagram)


  1. Gorgeous photos - love the warm orange tones and your sweet matching outfit. <3

    1. aww thank you Sarah! and for being such a loyal reader, I'm always happy to see your comments pop up n_n ❤️


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