Hey there, honeybee

12 April 2016

So, this weekend I unintentionally dressed like a honeybee! I love combining a pinafore dress with a striped top and since it's still no 'bare-legs-weather' I added some colored tights to make it a bit more quirky. Colorful or textured tights are one of my favorite ways to make a look more interesting.

Still I'm looking forward to leaving tights behind and despite the temperatures, spring is totally happening right now. How beautiful is this row of blossoming trees? I'm honestly so happy winter is over, I've been feeling much more inspired and energized lately. It's funny what a little bit of sunshine and tulips in people's front yards can do!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Top: H&M - Dress: Boohoo - Bag: Primark

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  1. Omg, you look adorable! The pink blossoms and your sweet face are almost too lovely to handle. ;) xo


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