It was a red velvet romance

01 October 2020

I'm not sure if there's a word for being in love with a city but I think I fell for Ghent all over again while shooting this look with Naomi. It's funny how you get a different view of a place when you're not actually living there, isn't it? Now it feels like every time I go back, I appreciate each cute shop and each lovely building a little more. 

Just like every year I seem to be returning to mini skirts and big collars for my autumn wardrobe and can never get enough of them. But honestly, can you blame me for not being able to resist the pearl collar on this River Island sweater? It evokes such a 1950s vibe my vintage-loving heart just couldn't say no. Fittingly I paired it with some pearl earrings from ZiziKim, a Manchester-based jewelry shop I recently discovered on Etsy, and a red velvet skirt by Cache Cache which has the best... pockets! Don't you love a skirt with some good pockets? I know for me it's definitely one of my top three checklist points. It's also a classic piece that can be styled with anything from a blouse to a simple t-shirt and cardigan so it'll undoubtedly make a great staple throughout the season.

OUTFIT DETAILS | Sweater: River Island - Skirt: Cache Cache via Zalando - Bag: Usha via Zalando - Shoes: Lost Ink - Earrings: ZiziKim on Etsy
PHOTOS | Nanted Photography

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