Change comes with the season

06 October 2020

Even though life seemed to be at a standstill during the greater half of 2020, a lot of big things have happened for me this year. We bought our first house and last week I quit my job of two years to make a fresh start at a new copywriting agency in November. I'd been unhappy with my work situation for quite some time now and it has been draining me of all my energy, so this opportunity didn't come a moment too soon. I'll admit it's all a bit scary – stepping into a new job, meeting new faces, changing my daily routine... But it's also very exciting knowing I'll be joining a new team that I can draw inspiration from, work with new clients and learn about new things, and hopefully find a workplace where I can feel comfortable enough to be myself.  

It's kind of cheesy but I recently started rewatching One Tree Hill and the opening theme speaks more to me than ever before: I don't want to be anything other than me. At my soon-to-be former job I often felt pushed into a corner because of my timid personality. It takes time for me to open up and to fully allow myself to be me, but that doesn't mean I don't want my voice to be heard. So this could be a new chance to further develop myself and invest my energy in people who will also invest it in me. That's a nice intention to strive for this season, right?  

Well, enough with the ranting now... There's no season that makes me feel more myself than autumn. I live for layering, fall bakes and going for a coffee on a rainy day. In addition it's the time I get to wear all of my favorite colors like burgundy, forest green and all of the browns and neutrals. And plaid, I've been going mad over so many plaid pieces. It's no wonder I fell for this Fransa coat which has the perfect caramel check pattern. While I'm not one to shy away from clashing prints, I chose to style it with a basic off-shoulder top and my favorite pair of jeans by Only.

OUTFIT DETAILS | Coat: Fransa - Top: Jacqueline De Yong via Zalando - Jeans: Only - Bag: S├ęzane - Shoes: Lost Ink - Earrings: ZiziKim on Etsy
PHOTOS | Nanted Photography

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