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04 November 2020

It feels a bit strange posting these photos now a second lockdown has forced all the bars and restaurants in Belgium to close their doors again. As an avid coffee shop goer and admirer of independent shop owners, it breaks my heart to see many of them struggling, especially after putting in so much effort to make their businesses safer. The thing that frustrates me the most is there's not any indication that the rising number of infections in our country is even at all related to people going out for dinner or a drink. The situation only worsened when schools reopened back in September. So while I understand stricter measures need to be taken, I think the government is focusing on the wrong ones and sadly we’re powerless to do anything about it. Meanwhile I'm glad the #supportyourlocal movement is still going strong and I can't encourage people enough to go fetch that take-away coffee, order that brunch box and buy those Christmas gifts from a local webshop instead of Amazon.  

On another positive note the thought of being homebound for the rest of the year has once again reminded me to appreciate everyday moments more. Making a nice jug of filter coffee, trying out a new bake, gardening, going for a walk, getting hooked on a Netflix series… It all seems mundane, but in order to keep up hope it’s so important to be aware of and cherish all the things we do have. 

I’m also really lucky to currently be living on a cloud of joy thanks to my new job. I was able to start off early since I'd basically been technically unemployed for the last two months and it’s really done me good to actually feel useful again. There's some really fun clients I get to write for and it's so refreshing compared to the corporate and technical content I had to cover previously. A warm welcome from the team, even through video call, is an additional motivator. The times are challenging but no matter the circumstances, I can't wait for what's ahead.

OUTFIT DETAILS | Blouse & skirt: Princess Highway - Beret: Veritas - Rings & nail polish: H&M
PHOTOS | Nanted Photography

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